Lindsey Spector, LICSW


I work with adolescents, young adults, individuals, couples and families.

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165 Main St. Suite 204A Medway, Massachusetts 02053

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Specialties: Trauma and PTSD, Behavioral Issues, Emotional Disturbance

The most important part of therapy is building a good rapport with the individual to create a safe and comfortable space. Therapy isn't always easy and neither is the decision to find a therapist; working to ensure clients are comfortable with me and helping them to identify their goals so that the treatment trajectory is predictable, but allows for space to talk about day to day events, if needed. Lastly, ensuring client and therapist personalities align is important as it only enhances the sense of safety and the capacity for positive rapport growth.

Evolving to work with an eclectic strength-based lens allows the client to not only engage from an autonomous perspective, but it allows me to develop a clear understanding of needs to be established while meeting the client where they’re at.

When meeting clients where they’re at, a clear felt sense of safety and growing rapport need to be established. I work arduously to ensure that not only the client feels safe, but their families or support groups as well.

Lindsey Spector
Years in Practice: 8 Years
School: Boston College Graduate School of Social Work
Year Graduated: 2012
License and State: 118829 Massachusetts

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